President's Message

President's Message


Supriya Mukhapadhyay 2024

Dear BAGC Family, 


On behalf of EC 2024, I would like to extend warm wishes to you all as we welcome the Year 2024. I hope the New Year brings peace and prosperity to you, your family and the entire BAGC community. 

First and foremost, I would like to thank our outgoing President, Debasis Chatterjee, for his inspiring leadership during this past year. Team 2023 did an outstanding job and they have been helping us a lot with the transition. My team and I would like to congratulate the hard work done by Team-23. I would also take a moment to thank the 2023 BOT team, Nomination Committee, Special Funds & By-laws committee for their roles in the organizational affairs during the past year.  

2024 is a very special year for our BAGC community. We will be hosting the North American Bengali Conference (NABC) in Chicagoland after a very long time. The NABC committee under the leadership of Indranil (Roni) has been working tirelessly for the past few years to get ready for this event and we are expecting a very successful event during July 3rd to July 6th of 2024. We have received outstanding support from Bengalis across North America and there is marked enthusiasm to attend NABC this year. With 6 months left to go, our hotels are on the verge of being sold out and we are nearing a headcount of 2000 potential guests who have signed up. We are expecting some of the luminaries of the entertainment and academic world from India to participate in the NABC events. The NABC team is continuing to do a national outreach and plans to hold road shows in multiple cities in February. Please register if you still have not and complete your hotel, food reservations before the capacity gets filled up. For more information, please visit the NABC website (

Banga Bhavan is our community home. It will be my priority to take care of Banga Bhavan and make sure the issues with its infrastructure are addressed as soon as possible.  

We will continue and build on the fiscal control processes put in place by prior committees. We will continue the internal audit process started by the last committee to ensure compliance.

In addition, we will make efforts to seek greater engagement with the broader local communities in Chicagoland.

I hope EC 2024 will enable the community to get more prepared for the NABC 2024 event. Please feel free to offer your suggestions and guidance as our team gets ready to serve the community this year. 

Our first important event is Poush Parbon at Banga Bhavan on January 21st. Also, our Saraswati puja will be held at the Matrix Club on February 17th. Hope to see you at these events.

I am confident that the community’s support and goodwill will keep us on track throughout this year.

Once again, Wishing you all a happy and prosperous New Year. 

Warm regards, 

Supriya Mukhapadhyay

President, BAGC 2024